Finding your place

I’ve mentioned on here before that I have a background in Audio Engineering and Sound Design. What I don't talk about is what software I’ve used and how that application merges with UI design.

I am a through and through Ableton Live supporter. I completely believe that the way that my brain works and the way I see music Ableton has the best approach for me to get my ideas down in the most efficient manner. Now I might not be the greatest at what I do, but I can tell you how to work that piece of software with the best out there.

Something funny about that though is the groups that it places you in. If you're reading this and are in or have ever been interested in recording or music production, then you might already have an opinion about me based on the fact that I use Ableton. Ableton is a Digital Audio Workspace or better known as a DAW, of which there are a few notable ones. Logic, Pro tools, FL Studio, and Studio One to name few. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but also all do the exact same thing. They give you a place to create music and use virtual instruments (or VST for short).

The reason I bring this up and have tried to give clarity on my opinion on the fact that Ableton is the best DAW out there (no bias I promise) is that while they all do the same thing, its easy to get into heavy opinion and look down on others or even doubt yourself on the program you use.

The same thing can go for UX/UI design. I started out using Sketch, which like all software has its ups and downs. But the more and more I look at job postings, or even company requirements, I see people saying proficiency in XD or Figma, to name a few. Which can be intimidating if you're just breaking into the UI world.

But luckily, the one great thing about a lot of these programs are their similarities. While XD might cush Sketch with some of its layout tools, Sketch has a better Library function (IMO). But a lot of their hot keys can be similar, and they both have artboards. So don't be afraid to master one and just check-in after you feel you are confident using a certain program. You would be surprised how quickly you can adjust and add that daunting idea of a new program to your resume.

But if for some reason, you don't have the easiest time moving from one program to the next. There are always those handy youtube videos ;)

I would love to know what your program of choice is, and what your least favorite is. Or even if you have one you havent tried out, and this article helped you dive in a little!

-until next time-


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