A few design trends 11/20

Staying up to date with technology can seem impossible at times. Theres alway a new product or update to your favorite device. But in the design field it’s easy to get caught up in what you did last week or last month or even last year! Keeping current can be as difficult as seeing what new bands are coming out or what new director is changing the film scene. Its a never ending flow of creativity, and finding which changes are going to stick or even make an impact can be a little bit of a science.

A few places I like to check consistently are

  1. Youtube
  2. Instagram
  3. Medium
  4. Blogs

You can always go through any of these platforms and see what sticks out as a current repeating idea. As with any skill, this can take some practice. But you will see how quickly you will get the grasp, and make sure you are enjoying the process of learning!

As far as what you came here for, a few of the trends this year that are still doing well (at least that I’ve noticed) are these.

  1. Flip menus

Flip menus are an awesome animated rehash of the old and tired hamburger menu. the whole screen rotates like a block and gives you a nice tidy list of your options. Not only does it accomplish what your client is needing. But its flashy and impressive to show off. Plus it never gets old looking at something that is animated in such a cool way.

2. Animated illustrations

If you’ve been on any “new” startup website this year, you’ve definilty seen these little guys. Taking a simple sketch drawing a giving it a little life does wonders to catch attention. Not to mention that they are super easy to impliment into a design and make your product look that much more polished.

3. Microinteractions

Okay okay, this isn’t new, but I think it’s fair to say that Microinteractions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They are just super effective and again are following almost the over arching trend of animations. Again the more life we bring to those plain white and black text screens, the better right? I mean to a fault that is kinda the job!

4. Augmented reality

This is arguably one of my favorites on this list, but also the most technically challenging. If you haven’t seen or played Pokemon Go by this point, you might be in the wrong field. ;) All joking aside, that little game has one of the best examples of AR to date. I would suggest checking it out and getting some ideas for yourself!

Hopefully this helps get you started, and I would love to hear what you have found thats trending from your perspective!

-until next time-