Over the past 6 months, I have redesigned my portfolio many times. Within that, I have retold my case study in different ways. While not always successful, I learn from each iteration (as we all should from an ‘iteration’).

Now here is our struggle, we have to try to explain…

Do you remember starting out on your UX or UI journey and picking apart every brand's designs? Looking at how apple chisels their corners, or how Nike's website layout was just “too cool”?

You are thinking to yourself at that moment, “I can do that, it can't be all that…

I'm sure we have all been there. Watching a friend or a loved one in a relationship that is obviously painful to everyone but them.

You try to sit and encourage them to see it differently and show how life doesn't need to be this difficult. But at the end…

So much time is spent doing the same thing at work everyday that we think we know everything. No matter what your job title is, server, construction worker, designer, engineer, we can get so caught up in what we know that we forget how small our information bank truly is.

So I have been writing for a few months now, and the constant thought in the back of my head is “am I doing this right?”

Which as a designer I feel is a thought that plagues us alot. “Am I designing this piece correctly?” …

I love listening to new music.

New artists.

New styles.

It's all so interesting. Hearing what new things people come up with. But above all of that, how simple things can be so powerful.

The crazy part is that when we listen to a song, like one by Billie Eilish…

Michael Dupon

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